What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

We were unprepared for the storm when it hit, but your amazing SERVPRO technicians took care of everything we needed. You even saved my daughter’s rabbit, Mr. Buttons, from the floodwater. Thank you so much. 

You were the one-stop shop we needed to repair the damage to our house and to clean up the mess the storm made. Excellent work. 

We had no hope of keeping up with the flood damage, and we made the right choice trusting your team with our Augusta home. 

That storm left my basement flooded with muddy water from the backyard. I asked my neighbor, she said to call your company because her son used your services when they had a water problem. I was not disappointed with your service. Your workers were very polite.

The roof from that crazy storm flooded all my stuff I had stored in the attic. SERVPRO came out immediately, tarped the hole in my roof, and moved out all my boxes and things from the attic. They said they would bring them back after they dried them at there facility. And they did. 

The water from the broken window drenched our living room and the sofa. I was thinking I would have to throw it out, but your crew told me to relax and they would take care of getting rid of the water. They did and my sofa looks brand new. SERVPRO is on my speed dial now.