What our Customers say...


Your team got out to Augusta so fast to start restoring my house. You saved me money and you do excellent work. Many thanks. 

Thank you SERVPRO for helping to recover our venue after the flood effects. We thought we’d have to cancel upcoming shows, but you had us dried up and ready to rock in a matter of days. 

We were unprepared for the storm when it hit, but your amazing SERVPRO technicians took care of everything we needed. You even saved my daughter’s rabbit, Mr. Buttons, from the floodwater. Thank you so much. 

We thought our house was a total loss after the fire, but thanks to this SERVPRO team, it looks better than it has in the 50 years we’ve lived here.

I’m glad I called your team for the water in my home. Everything is dry, clean, and looks great. 

I am going to tell everyone that this is a company that lives up to its slogan – my house actually looks like the damage never even happened. 

As a property manager, I know I can trust your team to quickly overcome disasters in any of my units and get it back to top shape quickly. 

You were the one-stop shop we needed to repair the damage to our house and to clean up the mess the storm made. Excellent work. 

I had heard about your company before, and I’m glad I remembered the name when my house caught fire. We were blown away by the fast response and expertise. 

A++ SERVPRO! My house looks awesome and we cannot even tell there was ever water damage. 

I have never seen such an organized or knowledgeable group as the SERVPRO technicians that came to my house. This is what you want to see when disaster strikes. 

I’ve poured everything into this business, and I am so happy to know your technicians put everything into the work they do as well. We never missed a step, even with widespread damage in our storage areas. 

We had no hope of keeping up with the flood damage, and we made the right choice trusting your team with our Augusta home. 

My mom said to pick SERVPRO for the fire odor in my house, and she was absolutely right. Your team had it dealt with entirely in a single day. 

Amazing job with the drying and water removal from my third floor apartment. I (and my neighbors) thank you. 

The fire burnt half my house down. I asked who to call from my neighbors, they said call SERVPRO. They come fast, take away all the burned things, and then they even sprayed something to make the place smell real nice. Glad I called them.

The broken pipe flooded the back of my little kitchen area. With only breakfast and lunch menus I was worried I would lose all my business for the day. Nope, the team that came out arrived within an hour, vacuumed up the water, moved things around, and the late lunch crowd was served. Yeah.

That storm left my basement flooded with muddy water from the backyard. I asked my neighbor, she said to call your company because her son used your services when they had a water problem. I was not disappointed with your service. Your workers were very polite.

My kids always leave the water running and now there was a wet mess in the upstairs bathroom. I mopped it up, but a few days later, it was smelly. I called your company, they came right out and finished the job right. 

The splattering in the kitchen from the hot grease made a smelly mess. SERVPRO showed up and cleaned everything up. I was so worried, but now all is great. Thank you so much.

The smell under my kitchen sink was from mold. They took the cabinet apart, sprayed something in the way and ran some type of machine to clean the air. The next day, my kitchen was back like I like it. 

My boutique took a hit from the small fire in the next door shop. No damage, but it stunk. Who wants to buy smelly clothes and accessories? SERVPRO sprayed and ran some machines, and by that evening my boutique smelled like a bed of roses. Thank you so much.

The roof from that crazy storm flooded all my stuff I had stored in the attic. SERVPRO came out immediately, tarped the hole in my roof, and moved out all my boxes and things from the attic. They said they would bring them back after they dried them at there facility. And they did. 

The fire in the attic made a smoky and wet mess in the upstairs of my house in Augusta. I know SERVPRO from my work so I knew who to call. Job done, real fast, awesome.

The water that covered by floor was frightening. SERVPRO came right out, took it away. What a relief. I highly recommend them.

The flooded basement damaged a lot of my property. It could have been worse, but your group pumped out the water and spent over three days coming back to check on the drying machines. You are dedicated and I am appreciated.

The water I found in my real estate office on Monday morning looked like a catastrophe, it being the end of the month and my agents needed to complete transactions. The team that came got right to work, moved out of the way the desks and paperwork, and pumped out the water. That evening, we we glad to be able to work late and finish our jobs. Thx guys, great work.

The water from the broken window drenched our living room and the sofa. I was thinking I would have to throw it out, but your crew told me to relax and they would take care of getting rid of the water. They did and my sofa looks brand new. SERVPRO is on my speed dial now.

Crew was very professional. All my questions were answered. Everyone involved seemed to care about what they were doing in caring for my home

Never been more pleased with a company coming in to do work at my home than I am with SERVPRO.