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Our Technicians Are Ready 24/7 To Restore Your Waynesboro Business After A Water Damage Disaster

5/22/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Our Technicians Are Ready 24/7 To Restore Your Waynesboro Business After A Water Damage Disaster A broken line soaked the drywall with water throughout the night, we removed the sheetrock along with the water and restored it right away.

Fast Water Removal in Waynesboro Gets Thrift Store Back to Business

Every business with a water heater has the potential to need water removal from their premises if the seal fails or there is a leak. Imagine the amount of water from a thirty or forty-gallon tank could mean for your business.

SERVPRO received a late night call for water removal in Waynesboro from a thrift store. A water tank in a utility closet had leaked throughout the back part of the shop. The owner was concerned about being closed for any length of time.

Our technicians arrived quickly and used portable pumps with wand attachments to extract the water from the linoleum flooring quickly. The industrial carpets outside the closet and employee common areas were removed for drying and disinfecting as they were made of rubber and did not absorb water.

After the water was removed, our technicians set up air movers, and instead of the cold coil dehumidifiers, we chose to use desiccant-based dehumidifiers. As the air movers cause moisture to rise from surfaces, these machines attract it to a rotating wheel coated in a solid material such as a silica gel or activated alumina. As moisture collects on the wheel, it is deposited into a damp air collection port, and the wheel turns to collect more. It is a very effective process for removing moisture quickly.

Mold is always a concern after a water intrusion. Once the area is dry, our technicians carefully wipe down all surfaces with our professional strength antifungal and antibacterial cleaners that leave surfaces sanitary and deodorized. SERVPRO technicians also take moisture readings after drying to ensure there are areas of residual moisture. In this case, the soft moisture meter indicated mold should not develop.

Once completed, SERVPRO technicians walked the shop owner through the restored areas to ensure she was pleased with our service and make sure all concerns were addressed before she reopened for business.

SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties is available for commercial water removal 24/7 by calling (706) 843-1990. Our emergency response teams arrive quickly and work to make the water loss in your business, "Like it never even happened."

Innovative Readiness Training Scheduled for June 15-22 click here for more information.

Our Fire Damage Experts Can Remove Foul Odors From Your Augusta Home

5/6/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Our Fire Damage Experts Can Remove Foul Odors From Your Augusta Home SERVPRO has the advanced tools to address these effects and to make all of the fire loss effects “Like it never even happened.”

Equipment Used To Remove Fire Odors From Augusta Homes

While many effects could follow a fire in your Augusta home, many property owners have the hardest time making peace with the widespread odors that could permeate into materials and affect broad areas of the property even far from the ignition point. After first responders and firefighters have left the scene, it is imperative to get restoration professionals to your address quickly to begin mitigation work that can save you money and time on the recovery steps to follow.

Our team has the tools and the experience to handle all of the fire damage effects that your Augusta home might see, but to protect your house against all of the damage it could experience, containment strategies need to get implemented immediately. Our SERVPRO professionals have several machines that can work to begin filtering the air to reduce effects like odors and contaminants. Additionally, our professionals can install physical containment barriers to prevent effects like odors from freely moving throughout the house.

As restoration professionals that seek to go the extra mile for the customer when disaster strikes, we arrive with many deodorization options. Between our array of equipment and effective cleaning agents and sprays, we can improve the aesthetic appeal and smell of affected areas in your house.

The equipment that we use to address lingering odors in the property is among the most sophisticated and advanced in our inventory. We have UV and thermal fogging equipment that offers a portable option for our technicians to address odors in open areas of the property. Also, these units can safely address odors trapped in soft materials and fabrics. We can utilize units like hydroxyl generators and ozone machines to filter the air with its onboard HEPA filter.

Odor threats can spread throughout your home after a fire and can make comfortable living difficult, even if it does not force your family to relocate. SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties has the advanced tools to address these effects and to make all of the fire loss effects “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime at (706) 843-1990.

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What is Injecti-Dry and how Does It Dry Your Water Damaged Augusta Home?

4/26/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage What is Injecti-Dry and how Does It Dry Your Water Damaged Augusta Home? When water damage happens, SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties can quickly and effectively remediate the damage.

How Does the Injecti-Dry System Work in Your Augusta Home?

As one of the premier restoration companies serving the Augusta area, it is no surprise that a factor in our success is our dedication to seeking out the best equipment to handle the jobs. We have many types of effects and disasters that we can overcome with confidence and experience, and when it comes to water loss incidents that affect your home, many affected areas require specialized equipment and devices like our Injecti-Dry system.

With the frequent use of this equipment for water damage incidents that affect Augusta homes, it is essential to our SERVPRO team for our customers to understand better how it works and why we use it. Most of the equipment in our inventory of recovery tools and gear works to ensure that jobs get completed within the time constraints that we have designed and under the budgetary limitations of our customers or their insurance representation. The Injecti-Dry system is no exception to this, as it is critical to drying inaccessible areas of the property after a water loss incident in the most efficient manner possible.

Our SERVPRO team can address the water damage concerns of wall cavity moisture, ceiling moisture, and flooring moisture or saturation with this tool. It has a minimalistic approach and can feed warm air into wall cavities through multiple holes drilled behind the baseboards at the base of a wall. Small hoses or tubes, like the arms of an octopus, forcibly direct the air floor into the cavity or void to increase the evaporation rate. This approach is similar to how the system can address moisture and dampness in the ceiling space. For hardwood flooring, the system gets combined with the steady draw of large drying mats to provide a controlled and tailored moisture content removal to protect the flooring material from becoming overly dry, while extracting water from the tongue and groove joints.

We strive always to have the most thorough training and knowledge of the industry and the latest equipment to handle every emergency and disaster that affects area properties. Our SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties professionals has the expertise and the equipment to make water loss effects “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime that you need us at (706) 843-1990.

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You Can Call Our Fire Damage Experts 24/7 To Restore Your Augusta Home To Pre-Damage Condition

4/25/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO You Can Call Our Fire Damage Experts 24/7 To Restore Your Augusta Home To Pre-Damage Condition SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties is available for disaster cleanup 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cleaning Up Box Fan Fire Damage In An Augusta Home

As the Georgia summer draws ever closer, the weather is turning balmy and, while pleasant, it may be time to start breaking out fans to stay cool on warm, sunny days. When your trusty old box fan overheats and catches fire in your living room, however, it can leave you with more to worry about than just keeping your home from heating up during the summer.

If an overheated box fan has caused fire damage in your Augusta residence, certified SERVPRO technicians stand ready to assist you. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, and strive to restore your home to its preloss condition. Both SERVPRO employees and franchise owners undertake extensive training and educational programs that cover fire and water damage restoration, as well as carpet and upholstery cleaning. These programs ensure that every SERVPRO technician and franchise owner knows the ins and outs of all kinds of residential and commercial disasters and how to mitigate damage from them.

When SERVPRO technicians come to assess the damage, the first step is to clean up soot and residues left over from the fire. When electronic appliances burn, the plastics and rubbers can melt and create hard-to-clean stains that require thorough scrubbing with EPA-registered cleaners to eliminate.

After cleaning, our team can use an Ultra Low Volume wet fogger to deodorize your living space. This piece of equipment emits a mist of deodorant particles that are 8 to 15 microns in size to penetrate areas affected by odor-causing residues. Hand pump sprayers can directly deodorize porous surfaces with deodorizing chemicals emitted at 50 psi. This approach is useful for spots of carpet that were particularly charred by fire.

SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties is available for disaster cleanup 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need our services to clean up after disaster strikes in your home, give us a call today at (706) 843-1990, and we can ensure that home is restored. “Like it never even happened.”

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How to Salvage Water Damaged Business Documents in Waynesboro

4/8/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial How to Salvage Water Damaged Business Documents in Waynesboro SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties has the training and equipment to handle any kind of water damage.

Approaches that Enhance Results during Commercial Water Removal in Waynesboro

Every incident of water loss in Waynesboro business premises is unique. However, each case presents several challenges, and if not properly managed, it can hurt the business long after the initial occurrence. Such impacts might include future losses due to damaged documents, accumulated cost of follow up restoration processes because of deteriorating materials, and even minor inconveniences such as unpleasant smells. 

An exercise of commercial water removal in Waynesboro has to be fast and thorough to be deemed successful. Fast response prevents secondary problems like microbial growth. It can also help save materials and documents from further deterioration after the initial damage. Our SERVPRO technicians take different approaches that help satisfy the urgency aspect. One option is to remove free items such as books and other valuable documents from the loss site. Freezing the wet documents helps stop deterioration. 

Since some items are immovable, removing any standing water from the premises is also crucial in reducing loss. Having the right resources can help improve speed. Our SERVPRO technicians use advanced equipment such as dry-wet vacs and truck-mounted water extractors. Apart from faster speed when using an extractor, the 60-100 gallon storage tank ensures that the removed water cannot find its way back, which is more efficient than using mops or buckets. 

After removing the liquid water, there is a need to dry moisture from materials and lower the relative humidity in the air. Relative humidity exceeding 60% can cause mold development all over the structure while excess moisture traces in materials leads to rot, rust, warping and other forms of deterioration. Our SERVPRO technicians combine the use of advanced equipment like dehumidifiers and air movers with specialized skills. For example, using plastic sheets, we can create exclusion zones known as drying chambers whose smaller area helps make drying manageable. 

Working with a professional restorer in Louisville, Warrenton or Washington areas helps improve the outcome of water removal exercises. Call SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties to help in case of a spill. You can reach us at (706) 843-1990 any time. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Waynesboro was named after Revolutionary War General Anthony Wayne. Read more here.

How Roof Damage Can Cause Flooding in Your Waynesboro Home

2/19/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage  How Roof Damage Can Cause Flooding in Your Waynesboro Home Tarp your roof to avoid further water damage.

Roof Damage That Can Flood Your Waynesboro Home

Storm damages can leave you with expensive repairs and unknowns for your Waynesboro home. Even more pressing than the immediate structural concerns are the effects that could result from vulnerabilities in areas like your home’s roof. The temperature swings through winter months along with severe weather systems can take their toll on shingled roofs, eventually prying off individual shingles or causing entire portions of your roof’s structure to fail.

Roof damages to your Waynesboro home can allow for many damaging effects to occur, but the most significant concern for homeowners is flooding. With vulnerabilities and penetration points in your roof’s structure, runoff and torrential rainfall can get inside the attic and upper floors of your home unabated. To resolve this situation, you need a team that can respond quickly with restoration and mitigation experience like our SERVPRO professionals.

From the time that our team arrives at your address, we can quickly determine the source of the damage that your home has sustained and work to provide immediate emergency repairs to prevent further penetration. Board up and tarping services can provide a temporary bandage to prevent further exposure while the mitigation work gets underway.

With flooding situations, extraction is critical to begin right away to prevent penetration into materials yet to get exposed to the spreading water. We can utilize portable pumps and extraction wands to ensure that all of the excess water gets removed from the affected areas to help in successful drying efforts to follow shortly after. Our SERVPRO Franchise professionals can also remove at-risk items during this mitigation as part of our pack-out process to protect your belongings until the home gets restored.

Roof damage requires an immediate response from trained professionals that have the experience and equipment to help. If your home has already gotten flooded from vulnerabilities in your roof, let our SERVPRO of Augusta rapid response team help you to make this disaster “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime that you need us at (706) 868-5441.

Waynesboro was named Tree City USA by the Arbor Day Foundation. Read more here.

How a Small Waynesboro House Fire Can Cause Major Problems

2/12/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How a Small Waynesboro House Fire Can Cause Major Problems Even though a fire is contained, the damage spreads throughout the house.

Don't Wait for Minor Fire Damage in Waynesboro to Become Major

Professional damage mitigation and restoration companies should handle even small amounts of fire damage in Waynesboro homes. Even if the damages seem superficial at first, there are usually some long-term effects that may go unnoticed at first but cause major headaches later. Some of these problems can grow worse with time and develop from a small problem that can be dealt with quickly with the aid of a company like the SERVPRO Franchise System into a much more significant project taking multiple times the expenses and time to restore fully.

Smoke Damages

Almost all cases of fire damage in Waynesboro and other local communities involve smoke damage that needs professional mitigation. Smoke odors can be pervasive, working their way into the walls, floors, and structural components of your home. To deal with these problems, we employ specialized masking and odor neutralizing agents that specifically target the odor-producing molecules in most types of smoke. We deploy these agents through powerful thermal fogging machines that mimic the spread of smoke throughout your home. By the time we finish the process, we leave your home with a completely neutral, empty smell free of any sign of the fire.

Additional Complications

Every case of fire damage is different, and there are too many possible problems to list out in one article. If water was used to extinguish the blaze, we might have to contend with water damages and the possibility of mold growth. In some cases, smoke and ash may spread through the home's air conditioning and ventilation systems, requiring a thorough cleaning of them and other affected rooms. SERVPRO Franchise professionals are fully certified to handle almost any possible complication that may result from a fire, keeping all aspects of the restoration process under one company to eliminate the costs and confusion that can result from employing multiple contractors at once.

SERVPRO of Augusta provides 24/7 help for fire damages to homes across the region. Call us at (706) 868-5441 to find out how we can help.

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Ultimate Solution for Hephzibah Home Water Damage

1/20/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Ultimate Solution for Hephzibah Home Water Damage As appliances start to get older, there is always the chance of failure and a leak. Contact SERVPRO to dry out your property after an event.

Bad Refrigerator Connections Could Damage Your Hephzibah Home

Appliances can be a staple of comfortable living in your Hephzibah home, but they can also be costly components to widespread water loss incidents or cleanup situations that require professional support. Our team has helped in many situations where appliances were improperly installed or failed in some capacity, which led to water that required fast cleaning to prevent structural concerns or worsening conditions.

The refrigerator in your home can be the cause of Hephzibah water damage incidents in multiple ways. The most common of these would be an issue with the connection that supplies the unit’s ice making or fresh water functions. When a hose gets disconnected by moving the refrigerator, the fitting erodes against the appliance itself, or any other potential problem, that small line can begin steadily spewing out water to the floor. Our SERVPRO rapid response team can help.

Water damage is not as cut and dry as it might seem to be to many homeowners. From the moment that water gets exposed to construction materials, flooring, and other surfaces, it begins to saturate into these materials immediately. Preventing this phenomenon is impossible, but ensuring that the moisture gets removed entirely is the only safeguard to preventing additional effects like mold growth.

Our SERVPRO professionals can arrive quickly with the equipment to rapidly extract water from the affected areas to make drying efforts begin as promptly as possible. The faster that our team can begin these efforts, the less likely it becomes that structural elements and flooring materials have to get removed and later replaced. The industry-leading equipment that we use can preserve them from unnecessary demolition with penetrative drying tools like our high-powered air movers, dehumidifiers, weighted extractors and our injectidry system, which can dry out wall cavities where moisture has gotten detected.

While appliances might be a modern convenience available in almost every home, they can also cause issues of their own. You can always count on our SERVPRO of Augusta South/Burke & Wilkes Counties team to arrive quickly to make the mess “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (706) 868-5441.
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Duct Cleaning

2/3/2016 (Permalink)

Cleaning Duct Cleaning Dirty air return

Have you thought about the areas of your home that you can't see that may need cleaning during your "Spring Cleaning" venture. An area that most folks do not pay attention to is the heating and air conditioning unit. Duct cleaning can be essential to the longevity of your A/C unit as well as an improvement to the air quality inside your home. It is worth the investment to every home. We provide this service whether it is on a home we are cleaning from smoke damage, mold or just age.


1/27/2016 (Permalink)

A home or business fire can be a very stressful event for the property owner. Damage to personal belongings and the contents of the building is just one concern. Timely mitigation is the key to controlling damage, while reducing downtime and recovery cost$$$! We understand how disruptive fires can be for business owners, tenants and even customers. That is why SERVPRO offers 24 hour emergency response. Don't proscatinate on making the call to start the mitigation process. A rapid response cuts loss of time and money. SERVPRO will help limit damage and get your home or facility back in operation quickly.