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Safe Halloween Fun in Thomson

10/1/2021 (Permalink)

dark space with a orange pumpkin lit with sparks flying from its mouth and eyes Although sometimes cute and decorative, Jack-o-Lanterns still easily pose as a fire hazard, be mindful to keep an eye on your pumpkins this year.

The History of Halloween

Halloween is a Nationally recognized holiday that occurs every year on October 31st, which falls on a Sunday this year. The tradition began as the ancient Celtic festival Samhain where people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts.

In the early eighth century Pope Gregory III designated November 1st as a day to honor all saints. “All Saints Day” adopted some of the same traditions as Samhain. The evening prior was known as ‘All Hallows Eve’, and then later renamed Halloween. As centuries passed, Halloween evolved into a day of fun activities for all ages, such as trick-or-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, and dressing up in favorite costumes.

  • Did you know? Each year more than 29 million people will buy Halloween costumes for their pets.

A Deeper Dive into The Festival of Samhain

Halloween’s origins date back to about 2,000 years ago when Celtic people who lived in modern day Ireland, the U.K. and northern France celebrated their new year every November 1st. That date marked the end of summer and harvest and the beginning of dark, and harsh winters which they associated with death. The Celtic people believed that the night before the boundary between the world of the dead and the living became blurred and accessible. On the night of October 31st, it was believed that ghosts of their loved ones returned to earth.

Adding to the frustration of believing that this caused crop failure, the Celts believed that the presence of the spirits made it easier for Druids (Celtic priests) to predict the future. These “prophecies” gave them hope and comfort to hold onto during the long winters. 

To celebrate the event, Druids built huge sacrificial bonfires and wore costumes made of animal skins. When the celebration was over, they re-lit their hearth fires which were extinguished earlier in the evening after the sacred bonfire burned out.

  • Did you know? One quarter of all candy sold yearly in the U.S. is purchased for Halloween trick-or-treaters and parties.

Halloween Comes To America

Halloween was not celebrated in colonial New England due to the Protestants strict religious beliefs. Halloween was more commonly celebrated in Maryland and the southern colonies. Colonial Halloween festivities featured tales of ghosts and creation of mischief amongst neighbors.

By the 18th century, autumn festivals were common, but Halloween itself wasn’t widely celebrated. Towards the beginning of the 19th century, America had an increase in new immigrants, particularly Irish immigrants. These Irish immigrants helped popularize Halloween nationally.

Halloween As We Know It

By the 1920s and 30s Halloween had become a widely celebrated community focused holiday. This featured parades and town-wide parties and festivals. Around the 1950s Halloween began to be commercialized and targeted more towards children. Due to the huge increase in population due to the baby boom, parties moved from community centers to in classrooms or homes, where it was easier to accommodate the large numbers of children. Between 1920-1950 the activity of trick-or-treating was widely practiced, as it was an inexpensive way to celebrate with the community and also used as a bribe to keep neighborhood kids from playing tricks on people.

All this history is what made Halloween the American tradition that is known today. Annually Americans spend $6 billion on Halloween and it is the countries second largest commercial holiday following Christmas.

What to Remember This Year

Hopefully no tricks will be played to cause a n accidental fire, and party or jack-o-lantern candles are not left unattended. Should you experience a Halloween fire damage, give our team a call for help at 706-843-1990. We work 24/7 - 365 to help to make it "Like it never even happened."®

Don’t Let Water Damages Cost You

10/1/2021 (Permalink)

Standing water in dining room with soaked entrance rug Need SERVPRO help? Call our office for scheduling and to dispatch a team at 706-843-1990

SERVPRO Helps Combat Costly Damages

When water damages occur in your business, stress can arise from a multitude of things, including temporarily closing your doors while turning way potential revenue. At SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties we aim to work quickly and efficiently to reopen your businesses doors.

SERVPRO is Faster

Our teams are expertly trained in fire, water, biohazard, and mold mitigation with over 50 years in operation. All teams are trained under strict IICRC regulations. Our IICRC training allows our teams to have approval to work within your business for mitigation purposes as well as having the credentials to be able to complete work properly with supervisor from both a Field and Production Manager.

Our professional team is equipped with the knowledge and equipment to properly complete restoration servicing of all kinds, and all sizes. A few pieces of equipment you would initially see at your loss site should you need professional SERVPRO help as the following:

  • Extraction Equipment. Extractors are used for cleaning water from carpeting and hard surfaces. Our extractors can be either truck-mounted or portable, allowing for greater access inside commercial structures.
  • Air Moving Equipment. Air movers help to accelerate the drying process after a water loss. Should you experience a water loss, after standing water is extracted, the additional air flow helps to reduce drying time and increase moisture in the air space.
  • Dehumidifiers or “Dehus” helping to extract the additional moisture in the air, acting as a sponge for the air space.

Not only do our teams have leading industry equipment, but we also follow a highly regimented 1-4-8 response system. “1” for 1 hour to respond to your call and receive a verbal brief on your loss. “4” for 4 hours to dispatch a team, arrive on site and begin work. “8” for 8 hours to give a verbal briefing to you and your insurance adjuster on the scope of work and current loss status.

Need SERVPRO help? Call our office for scheduling and to dispatch a team at 706-843-1990.

When Storms Strike, SERVPRO Can Help

10/1/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO house logo with phrase Here to Help underneather overlaying a photo of flood covered streets with #FloodSafety phrase At SERVPRO of Augusta South - We're always Here to Help.® - Call 706-843-1990

Flooding from storms can be devastating in Grovetown - But, SERVPRO professionals can protect whatever possible.

When Grovetown home flooding occurs, it can be devastating for your home and family. Our teams can help restore your home and property after floods cause unfortunate damages. The teams are well equipped and trained with the best in our industry, and rapid response times aid in getting your home and life back on track.

Our trained crew chiefs and technicians professionals deploy professional help to reduce the devastation of flooding in the property in several areas, including: 

  • Temporary Construction - Techs can utilize their expertise to identify structural concerns and address these situations immediately. Vulnerabilities in the exterior of the house can lead to continued flood damages. Board up and tarping are standard temporary solutions to these vulnerabilities. 
  • Debris Removal – Debris, solids, organic matter, and mud can all get brought in with rising water levels and conditions like flash flooding. Removing these concerns through muck-out cleaning reduces concentrations of foul odors and potential contaminants. 
  • Extraction – Our water restorers must deploy several powerful tools in our inventory if pooling water does remain. Mismanaged pooling can result in oversaturation of exposed materials and greater needs for tear-out and build back. We use our industry-leading inventory to manage standing water concerns in the property. 
  • Controlled Demolition – Our team must determine what materials and structural elements have become too severely impacted to preserve. Sagging and deteriorating surfaces require removal and discarding for safe restoration in the house. 
  • Content Recovery – Identifying damage to personal belongings, furniture, and other contents is vital in cleaning and recovering these items. Through on-site cleaning and off-site restoration solutions, we can salvage what matters most to you. 

How Long Will Flood Restoration Take? 

You may wonder how long will the process take? Every structure, storm, and situation is completely unique. At SERVPRO, we do have highly regimented processes to restoring a loss, but the severity of the loss is always very situational. Our crews follow these highly regimented processes as a means to restore your property as quickly as possible and implement order to a typically chaotic environment.

Need Grovetown Home Flood Damage Help? Our office team is available to answer your call and question, and crews are available 24/7 – 365 to be dispatched to your disaster! Call our teams at 706-843-1990 for help, or click Here for more information on water damages and the SERVPRO process.

SERVPRO® Esporta Works for You

9/7/2021 (Permalink)

stack of brown boxes with orange SERVPRO logo on the side and Esporta tape as closure to the boxes SERVPRO® crews efficiently pack, clean, re-pack, and store all soft-contents as part of the Esporta process.

What is an Esporta?

Our Esporta Wash System is our in-house soft contents cleaning system we provide to our customers in post-loss events. The Esporta helps to remove bacteria, viruses, odor, soot, grime, mold, bio waste and mildew from over 95% of all soft contents that are found in a home. Soft contents include but are not limited to coats, purses, leather goods, shoes, pet beds, drapes, and more.

Not only can our Esporta sanitize and restore your home’s soft contents, but the Esporta system also works quickly. Should you need a set of school and/or work uniforms for yourself and your family, our crews can gather your items and perform a 24-hour turn to help restore even a small amount of normalcy to your life.

How it Works

The Esporta system uses a complex formula of detergents and cleaning agents for restorative procedures for each item that goes through the Esporta process. Esporta cleaning agents are free from phosphates and solvents and are more sustainable than box-store detergents. Additionally, the Esporta is unlike washing machines you would find a in home or laundromat. The Esporta system does not work through agitation which can lead to wear of the textiles fibers.

The Esporta wash system is smart; the Esporta automatically manages washing parameters determined by what items are identified within the wash system and selects the necessary wash recipe needed to effectively clean and sanitize.

Sentimental Items Are Restored

Often after a fire or sewage, items that are sentimental are threatened to be destroyed. With the use of the Esporta system, SERVPRO® can help take back what you thought would be lost. Items such as wedding dresses, family quilts, and stuffed teddy bears passed down from generations; over 90% of restorative items cleaned by the Esporta are covered under your insurance police as it is most cost-effective to restore. . . Not to replace.

Want to Learn More about the Esporta Wash System?

There is a lot to learn with the Esporta and Esporta capabilities. Click here for more information and to watch Esporta Resource Videos!

Need Esporta servicing? Call our office for more information and scheduling at 706-843-1990.

Fall Fire Prevention

9/1/2021 (Permalink)

Group of friends by bonfire at night time If you experience a house fire because of an unmaintained house fire, please call our office for expert advice 706-843-1990.

With cooler weather making its way through the October months, cooler weather means time to break away from the Southern heat and to enjoy time outside. Warming up next to a bonfire, cranking up your space heaters, and grilling out for friends and family while enjoying a college football game are all ways, we celebrate cooler weather. However, with fun comes the ever-present responsibility of making sure your fun weekend plans don’t turn into a SERVPRO® disaster.

To prevent a disaster, follow a few of these Bonfire Prevention Tips:

  • Do not host a bonfire on windy days. Debris from the bonfire could escape the safety barrel and spark an untended fire.
  • Keep a water hose or a bucket of water close by to quickly extinguish flames.
  • Always tend to the bonfire while burning.
  • When extinguishing your bonfire, first drown in water. Then, ensure that all embers are covered with water so they cannot reignite.

Space Heater Fire Prevention

Space heaters are great for smaller spaces or to add extra warmth to a room. Although, in many instances space heaters can become overused or used improperly and lead to potential house fires, over a thousand house fires a year are caused by space heater malfunction. To help prevent space heater related house fires this Fall, follow a few SERVPRO® Pro-tips:

  • Never leave your space heater unattended. Electrical power strips can malfunction or draw too much power can easily spark a flame.
  • Keep the space heater in the center of the space, or at least a few feet away from flammable objects.
  • Place your space heater on a solid surface to avoid tipping risk.

Grilling Out, Not Burning Out

Cranking up the grill for a Saturday afternoon college football game is often a Southern tradition. Friends pile in the living room to watch the big screen, drinks are cheered on the back deck, the grill is rolling with burgers and hot dogs, kids run around and play with the dog – All fun, but all distractions. This Fall, be sure to enjoy your time in the cool weather but remember grill safety.

Here are a few SERVPRO® Tips to Aid in Preventing Grill Fires:

  • Keep your grill a safe distance away from your house, at more than 10 feet.
  • Keep decorations that could easily become a hazard away from your grilling zone.
  • Have a working, inspected fire extinguisher on-hand.
  • After turning off your grill, be sure to not leave unattended and close the grill lid to help cut oxygen flow to any potential flames.

If you experience an unfortunate house fire, please call our office for help  at 706-843-1990.

SERVPRO® Provides Top Level Water Damage Help for Thomson

8/26/2021 (Permalink)

green SERVPRO equipment are attempting to dry kitchen cabinets through using an Injectidry system below the cabinets SERVPRO® equipment is used to dry kitchen cabinets through the use of our Injectidry system.

Quality Work from SERVPRO® Means Faster Dry Time

If you expect water damage relief from the experts, our SERVPRO® crews offer the fastest response times compared to other teams within our industry. Our crews are ready to arrive on-site to perform water extraction and cleanup. With over 1,900 franchises nationwide, your local SERVPRO® of August South / Burke & Wilkes Counties is always nearby to execute our vision of "Like it never even happened."® For decades our crews have completed quality work, and has earned the trust and respect of the insurance industry, resulting in our clients saving revenue each year through using our restore versus replace method.

SERVPRO® Process Makes Restoration Possible

SERVPRO® is consistent with each job as we utilize a unique process of highly regimented drying and monitoring procedures. We keep a detailed record of monitoring results from each loss we report and monitor daily, helping to track drying progress and use the monitoring results for each day to gain a better understanding as to how quickly your property is drying. Our crews also take daily monitoring information to make decisions along with your insurance adjuster on how much equipment needs to be placed or taken away after each day on the loss site. One important piece of the continued job process, is job filing and dispatching, this includes:

  • SERVPRO® First Notice of Loss – When you notify our team of your water damage.
  • SERVPRO® Authorization to Perform Services – When you authorize for our crews to begin helping and when we set job expectations.
  • SERVPRO® Customer Information Form – Taking details of your property and identifying the point of contact.
  • SERVPRO® Water Damage, Equipment Validation and Drying Report – This is a daily report on how the drying is progressing.
  • SERVPRO® Certificate of Satisfaction – Our team receives a final review of how satisfied you, our customer is based on how professionally the loss process was performed by SERVPRO®.

Executing the Goal of Restoring Your Property

With our dedicated team, job file processes, and advanced equipment our confidence in restoring your property to preloss condition is unmatched. At SERVPRO® of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties with a strong investment in a fruitful culture, consistent industry training for our crews, and equipping crews with the most advanced equipment, all factors help to contribute to our ability to serve and restore any size loss.

Got A Water Damage You Need Fixed Fast?

Call our office staff now at 706-843-1990 to schedule a consultation today.

Protect Your Home Before the Storms

8/26/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employee in black shirt and boots removes wet insulation after making flood cuts in the wall of a garage. After a storm, wall flood cuts are made by SERVPRO® crews, then, wet insulation is removed to avoid microbial growth behind sheetrock.

Warning Signs as a Homeowner Before the Storms

Severe storm damage annually makes landfall in our area between early June to late November. As a homeowner, it is vital to take precautions and preliminary steps to protect your property before storm arrival. Storm damage to be wary and prepare for include, but are not limited to, roof leaks and damages, foundation repairs, broken windows, invasive flood water that seeps in from excessive rain and overflowing creeks or rivers.

Be in the Know with SERVPRO®

Becoming geared in with your local Emergency Management Agency helps you to become more aware of impending storms. Your local EMA can provide details on storms, landfall timeframe and details, and emergency tips for avoiding storm damage to your property. To learn more about Burke County EMA Office Resources, Click Here!

Storm Damage Tips for Your Home:

  • Brace/Reinforce entry doors for tornado winds.
  • Clear your yard of debris, lawn chairs, and children’s toys that could during a storm, become a hazard.
  • Use shutters to help protect your windows.
  • Attach rigid form insulation or plastic sheeting around the outside of your first-floor walls. Water may intrude, but most silt with be kept outside.

Properly preparing for a storm, but more importantly performing routine maintenance of your home helps combat potential storm damages. Regularly clearing your gutters and downspouts helps to extend the life of your gutters and roof. Additionally, pressure washing can help prevent microbial growth, and securing entrance/exit points to your crawlspace helps keep your crawlspace clear and ready for potential drying after flooding.

Need Post-Storm Help? SERVPRO® is Here for You.

Have you and your family experienced storm damages and need help or advice? Please call our SERVPRO® of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties at 706-843-1990 for advice and scheduling.

How SERVPRO® ERPs Can Save Your Augusta Commercial Business

8/26/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employee helps identify the air movers and placement of air movers for where they need to be moved during drying Does your facility need a free ERP? Call us for scheduling today at 706-843-1990.

ERPs Help Save BIG on Time and Money

On average, 50% of businesses close following a disaster. At SERVPRO® we have found that the practice to reduce interruption to your business, is for your local SERVPRO® representative to help you prepare for a disaster before it even happens. By developing a SERVPRO® Emergency Ready Profile, or ERP, you can minimize cost loss in categories of both the emergency loss and your business profits lost through having to temporarily close your doors to clients. Knowing what to do and having a plan of action in place for your business is a huge component for seamlessly transition from water loss to restored businesses. Whether the job loss is a small water leak, flooding in your surrounding area or a fire, SERVPRO® can make it "Like it never even happened."®

The Advantages of Having an Emergency Ready Profile in Place

An ERP does not take much time for our SERVPRO® Professionals to set up for you and will not take away from current business procedures. This no-cost evaluation of your facility will minimize the time that your business is inactive during a loss, saving you a future headache and minimizing job time and cost. In a state of emergency, your staff may find themselves confused and frightened, which is why SERVPRO® offers your businesses personalized ERP in app format. To ensure that your teams know what to do if disaster strikes, we encourage everyone in the facility to download the mobile ERP app. Having a quick reference of what to do, who to call, and in what order to do so is vital in making sure your business is Ready for Whatever Happens®.

Ready To Start An ERP For Your Business?

Give our office team a call at 706-843-1990 today to schedule a meeting with a SERVPRO® Representative today.

How SERVPRO® Helps Make Burke County Disasters Like it never even happened.

8/23/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO crew member on orange ladder removing wet ceiling pieces after a water damage. SERVPRO Crews help to remove wet and damaged ceiling after a major water loss.


Call our team at 706-843-1990. When storm instances such as flooding, tornadoes and hurricanes hit our Burke County area, SERVPRO® of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties is ready to answer the call. Our crews are only seconds away from being mobilized to your emergency.

Signs You Need SERVPRO Services

Having awareness of the current state of your property is vital. Knowing the current state of your property helps to determine any current structural issues that need to be addressed. This method of performing routine checks on your property helps in identifying structural issues that may have transpired due to a storm, fire or water damage incident. SERVPRO® can help with various structural issues such as fire damage, including soot residue and lingering smoke smells. Additionally, our crews have high capability of knowledge and training to carry out priority response measures in place for water damages such as a toilet overflows, burst pipes and/or flood damage.

Think you need SERVPRO® services? Here are key signs you should call for expert advice and action on your property’s current state.

  • Standing water in your crawlspace.
  • Flood water has entered from under your exterior doorways.
  • Flooring in your home has shown signs of buckling, indicating moisture in your crawlspace.
  • Mold growth has been identified on sheet rock, crawlspace, or behind wallpaper.
  • A sewage incident that has occurred.
  • Lingering smoke smells after a house fire.
  • And more . . .

What SERVPRO® Can Do to Help

SERVPRO® crews are disaster experts. As leaders in our industry of Fire & Water Cleanup and Restoration, we aim to mitigate structural issues caused by the unforeseeable. Our expertly trained crews under IICRC certification help to make a disastrous situation "Like it never even happened."®

Need to schedule a crew for water damage help Burke County? Call our office team at 706-843-1990 today.

Flooding in Thomson, GA Could Mean Flooding in Your Home

7/2/2021 (Permalink)

Building flooring with sewage all over the floor due to surge of flooding After area flooding, this entire building was covered with sewage material. SERVPRO crews restored & sanitized the space back to preloss condition.

Flooding Looms Fear for Thomson Homeowners

The thought of flooding in the streets of your hometown Thomson can lead to worries about the future of your home. Heavy rains coupled with poor storm water distribution and drainage, could contribute to creating a threat against your home and your crawlspace. A moist crawlspace that lacks sunlight with our Summer’s hot conditions can lead to encouraging mold colonization and growth.

Recent News of Flooding in Thomson

In recent news, Thomson streets had flooded from extensive rainfall and blocked drains from debris. Although the city did its best to prepare, storm drain systems cannot prevent all threats when flooding is on the rise. As streets, parks, recreational fields, and sidewalks flooded, the danger of water intruding into homes was evermore present. The rainfall exposed many homes leaking roofs, inundated gutters, and unsecure crawlspace entrance and exit points. These factors all attributing to potentially damaging flooding impacts.

Mold in Your Crawlspace?

After the storms and flooding pass over our area, what the weather leaves behind can lead to potential mold and rot in your crawlspace. If you discover mold in your crawlspace, know that SERVPRO® of Augusta South / Wilkes & Burke Counties can help eliminate the mold and identify how to prevent future growth.

Tips for Caring for Your Crawlspace

Maintaining your crawlspace can help keep the environment and air quality healthy while simultaneously preventing mold and rot. A few regular maintenance duties can help prevent future issues, such as:

  • Providing your crawlspace with proper ventilation.
  • Securing entrance and exit points.
  • Removing any debris, excess moisture, and poor insulation in the space.
  • Installing a proper vapor barrier / moisture barrier to help implement a controlled environment.
  • On a semi-regular schedule check your crawlspace for any changes.

Need Thomson GA Flooding Help from SERVPRO® ?

SERVPRO® of Augusta South / Wilkes & Burke Counties can help mitigate the effects of flooding. Our crews are committed to assuring your home is protected from future issues. If you find that your crawlspace is in needed of moisture remediation, or different measures like water extraction, our team is more than capable for handling any size disaster.

Have Questions?

Contact our office! (706) 843 - 1990

We can answer your questions, deploy a SERVPRO® crew for immediate emergency response to your home, discuss our processes in more depth, and scheduling.