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SERVPRO helps with Water Damage in Thomson Homes

4/22/2021 (Permalink)

Production Manager Placing Equipment Pictured: SERVPRO Production Manager places air movers and dehumidifiers to begin to dry the structure after a water damage.

Drying after a Water Damage – Stay Informed!

SERVPRO of Augusta South can help to guide you on your path to regaining normalcy in your home after a water damage. Drying a home or commercial business can often be a complex process that expertly trained professionals from SERVPRO can handle. Believe you may have unwanted water or moisture in your Thomson home? Keeping an eye on your homes condition is important. Warning signs of water damage may include but are not limited to:

  • Buckling / Warped flooring
  • Musty odors
  • Sounds of running water, but not visible.
  • Moisture in your crawlspace
  • Stains and spotting

How SERVPRO Can Help

After invasive water strikes your home, we can help! Water damage can occur from various sources: toilet overflows, loose pipe fittings, water heater leaks, and more. To remove unwanted, damaging water and moisture, SERVPRO professionals can react quickly to your call. Having a team with the swiftest response times could mean less extensive damage to your home’s structure and its contents such as furniture, clothing, and sentimental items. SERVPRO of Augusta South crews are always on standby waiting for your call and are equipped with industry leading tools and training to rid your home of water damage dangers using wet and dry vacuums and pumps. After extracting as much water as possible, our crews will often apply an anti-microbial to prevent potential future mold growth and begin the process of setting drying equipment to quickly restore your home to preloss condition.

Do You Believe You Have Water Damage?

If you believe you have an underlying moisture issue in your home, know that SERVPRO crews have moisture detection tools such as: moisture meters, moisture sensors, thermo-hygrometers, and thermal imaging cameras, all to help locate problem areas.

SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties can provide you and your family 24-hour emergency water cleanup services. Call us at 706-843-1990.

Is a Leaking Roof from Storms in Grovetown Damaging?

4/15/2021 (Permalink)

shingles coming off on damaged roof Damaged and missing shingles can lead to water damage. Visually inspect your roof often for loose and missing shingles.

SERVPRO Can Help Restore Flood Damage in your Grovetown Home

A weather event can subject your home to high winds and heavy rainfall. In some situations, these can affect the house's structural integrity by breaking up roofing tiles or allowing rainwater to enter the upper regions and attic spaces in your property.

SERVPRO can help to recover your home and contents following storm damage in Grovetown. Attic spaces can be tough to restore due to inadequate access points, which creates difficulties in using conventional equipment like pumps or water extractors. SERVPRO technicians have the expertise to adapt drying equipment to suit smaller spaces like attics and lofts.

  • Air-moving equipment can help to dry structural lumber beams in the roof of your home.
  • Install temporary tarp to prevent further damage while a longer-term solution is implemented.
  • Porous materials like sheetrock and insulation can often be dried or replaced with minimal expense by SERVPRO.

A leaking roof can lead to significant property damage. Contact SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties for storm flood damage at (706) 843-1990.

What Constitutes Efficient Water Damage Remediation for Augusta Residents?

4/8/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment being used in water damaged home SERVPRO has the equipment to target areas needing drying.

SERVPRO Conducts Expert Water Damage Repairs Using Augusta-based Technicians

One of the core principles of reducing property damage and preventing microbial growth is to tackle water vapor issues. When water evaporates, it increases the humidity inside a structure, leading to microbial growth issues. SERVPRO technicians use nationally recognized water remediation techniques to reduce loss.

Dehumidification is essential to correct water damage restoration for your Augusta home. Unlike water extraction, dehumidification is relatively inefficient at dealing with large bodies of water. We use a variety of methods to increase drying efficiency. One example is creating smaller drying chambers that allow dehumidifiers to become more effective.

  • Closing entranceways or windows in affected areas can reduce the cubic feet of air passing through dehumidifiers.
  • Partitioning the room using 6-mil polyethylene sheeting can further increase the efficiency of dehumidification. 
  • Sealing off areas and continually reducing the space for dehumidification can further speed up the restoration process. 

Return your house to its preloss condition with minimal fuss. Contact SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties at (706) 843-1990.

How Do Residents of Augusta Reduce Flood Damage Expense?

3/25/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restoration equipment stored in warehouse We are equipped to handle your flood damage. Call us today!

SERVPRO of Augusta Can Help to Limit Flood Expenses Through Effective Mitigation

Augusta is one of Georgia's principal cities that carries a global reputation thanks to its US Masters Golf Tournament, which attracts nearly 250,000 people to the area every April. However, the competition and its coveted Green Jacket tradition are just one small part of this bustling city that boasts fantastic natural scenery, local history, and boutique shopping. The region is famous for its southern hospitality, which guarantees an excellent mixture of restaurants, hotels, and tours. The local cuisine revolves around pit barbeques and other southern delicacies, ensuring that it attracts tourists throughout the year outside of the iconic Masters' tournament. 

Much of the local architecture in Augusta, GA, is listed on the register of historic places with the downtown district, particularly resplendent with buildings that pre-date the American Civil War. Some of the highlights in Augusta include its airy restaurants, hotels, and war memorials. A significant portion of the city was dedicated to its early agricultural history when mills were set up alongside the Savannah River. The Forks Area Trail System (FATS) is rated as one of the top mountain biking spots in the United States and has played host to the World Mountain Biking Summit several times during the past decades. 

  • The Lady Antebellum Pavilion, located on the Evans Town Center Park, has retained a fantastic reputation for live music and events. The amphitheater plays host to up to 7,000 residents and visitors, which celebrates established and emerging artists in the South of the United States. 
  • Southern cuisine has a reputation for its barbecue joints. The regional cuisine is best-enjoyed at Scoyners, a multi-generational, family-run business along Scoyners Way. Meat cuts are cooked for at least twenty-four-hours over hot coals before being served up to residents and visitors. 
  • The Morris Museum of Art, located on 10th street, is one of the US' oldest galleries, with over 4,500 works across several rooms. The gallery covers a period from the eighteenth century to the modern-day. Alongside its permanent collection is an eclectic mix of contemporary artists and film screenings.

SERVPRO Can Operate a Comprehensive Flood Damage Restoration Solution for your Augusta Home

Flooding events can be dangerous, traumatic, and damaging. Often, flooding is the result of a severe weather event which can include flash-flooding or groundwater issues as well as:

  • basement flooding
  • burst pipes 
  • emergency services water damage

SERVPRO technicians are trained to recognize the different effects these issues can have on your home and work tirelessly to mitigate loss or restore existing damages. We are available twenty-four-hours a day for residents during an emergency. Our call-out times are guaranteed to arrive within four hours of notification of loss. 

  • Emergency procedures for flooding incidents typically involve boarding up the structure or removing water using industrial equipment. 
  • Our drying programs can often run overnight using dehumidifiers and strategically deployed air-movers to encourage faster evaporation. 
  • SERVPRO has a dedicated roster of technicians that can restore wood and metal framework and upholstery and flooring. 

To reduce losses after a flooding event, contact SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties for flood damage restoration at (706) 843-1990.

Hidden Moisture Pockets Cause Long Term Mold Damage in Augusta Homes

3/10/2021 (Permalink)

a water damaged wall with mold growing on it Mold situation out of control? Call SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties to investigate and remediate the mold damage in your home.

Can Mold Infestations Occur in Cavities Between Floors After a Leak?

Water leaks or bathroom overflows can cause gallons of water to inundate a home, especially if the leak runs for several hours. Water spreads over the floors and flows to the lowest point, even the spaces between the floor and the room's ceiling below.

SERVPRO investigates mold damage in Augusta homes after a water leak, especially in cavities between floors. Our team removes excess water from carpets and other flooring materials as well as cavities. We deploy air movers and dehumidifiers to dry all areas properly.

The space between the floor and the ceiling below presents some unique challenges. As part of our investigation we:

  • Drill weep holes in the ceiling below the leak
  • We allow each hole to drain fully before adding additional holes to avoid ceiling collapse
  • Drain water from all cavities between joists before drying commences
  • Spray antimicrobial agents to prevent future mold growth in affected areas
  • Check ceiling electrical outlets and lights for moisture

SERVPRO checks the subfloor for structural integrity as well as drying the cavity to avoid potential mold damage.

Contact SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties for mold damage services in Augusta and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (706) 843-1990.

Augusta Commercial Fire Damage and Smoke Residue

3/5/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged kitchen with soot covering everything Has your home or business been affected by a recent fire? Our technicians are standing by to remediate your fire damage situation.

Why do Some Commercial Properties Require a Variety of Fire Damage Cleaning Methods?

Commercial properties, particularly those involved in manufacturing, utilize a variety of chemicals as part of their normal business operations. When these chemicals are heated or ignited, they can generate chemical-rich smoke residues.

SERVPRO technicians responding to Augusta fire damaged commercial properties are certified Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration technicians. We train our team to deal with many different chemicals, cleaning, and odor restoration methods. Understanding the chemical involved determines the cleaning agent that is used. For example:

  • Light Oils may require water and detergents
  • Heavier oils, such as motor oils, may require oil-based solvents
  • Syrups may dissolve in water and detergents

Even the water used affects cleaning efficiency. Hard water containing calcium mixed with detergents generates salts in the water, slowing down the cleaning process and leaving scum. Thorough rinsing is needed to clean the affected item adequately.

SERVPRO can help commercial business managers with fire damage restoration of all types, including smoke residue cleaning.

Contact SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties for fire damage services in Augusta and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (706) 843-1990.

Water Damage Restoration in Augusta Buildings

2/28/2021 (Permalink)

a huge puddle of water on wood floor Water damage affected your home? SERVPRO is standing by with water removal equipment and certified technicians. We are here 24/7.

Identifying Hazardous Materials in Water Damage Restoration Projects

Best known for hosting The Masters golf tournament every spring, Augusta has a metropolitan population of over 600,000 people. A fort was established in 1735, and the town was named Augusta in honor Of Princess Augusta of Saxe Gothe, who later became the mother of the British King, George III. The city is approximately two hours by car east of Atlanta. Besides hosting the masters, which draws over 200,000 visitors, the Augusta economy is primarily medical, biotechnology, and cybersecurity industries.

Residents of Augusta and visitors to the area enjoy many activities in the city, including:

  • Augusta National Heritage Area
  • Augusta Canal Discovery Center
  • Riverwalk
  • Phinizy Swamp Nature Center
  • Augusta Museum of History
  • Augusta National Golf Club

Augusta Canal Discovery Center & Augusta National Heritage Area

The canal runs for 13 miles and passes through three levels. The canal system was used to provide power for mills and electrical power in the city and feed the municipal water supply. The discovery center is an interactive museum documenting the history of the canal to the present day. Visitors can also take boat tours from the center.


The Riverwalk is a city park that runs along the Savannah River on top of the levee protecting downtown Augusta. The trail has a total length of eight miles. There are several activities to enjoy along the way, including – the Augusta Market, the Morris Museum of Art, the Augusta Museum of History, the Jessye Norman Amphitheater, and the children's playground.

Phinizy Swamp Nature Center

The Phinizy Swamp Nature Park covers 1,100 acres of wetlands and woodlands in Augusta, Georgia. The park features miles of trails, educational resources, and access to rare wildlife. The park is a great way to spend a day enjoying nature so close to Augusta.

Augusta is a large city with many restaurants, bars, and unique things to do in the city. For example:

  • Good Earth is an enclosed farmers market offering seasonal produce, plants, and goods throughout the year.
  • Riverwatch Brewery and 2nd City Distilling Co are examples of several breweries providing unique food and craft beers.
  • There are food tours available to enjoy and learn about local foods.
  • The Imperial Theater, Miller Theater, Symphony Orchestra Augusta, The Bell Auditorium, and The Augusta players may be attractive to those who enjoy the arts.

Guidelines SERVPRO Follows When Managing Hazardous Materials

Many older buildings suffer water leaks due to old pipes and valves allowing water to leak inside walls. Construction materials used at the time of construction may contain hazardous materials such as asbestos or black mold inside the walls.

SERVPRO provides water damage restoration in Augusta residences and commercial buildings. In old buildings, we arrange for the removal of hazardous materials by qualified subcontractors. If you suspect materials with asbestos, do not disturb them. This means, do not:

  • Break the material
  • Cut or saw the material
  • Drill or punch holes in the material
  • Sanding or agitating the material
  • Removing or moving the material

Contact SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties for water damage restoration services in Augusta and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (706) 843-1990.

ESPORTA Wash System Helps With Water Mitigation In Thomson

2/9/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle parked in driveway of home If you don’t act quickly, water damage can escalate. Contact our experienced SERVPRO team right away.

State Of The Art Cleaning For Water Mitigation

Many things can cause your home to flood, such as bad weather, a broken pipe, or a malfunctioning appliance.

When you need water mitigation in Thomson, it is essential to find a team that uses the best cleaning technology. Water can soak into all kinds of materials and textiles and cause them to become water-logged. Improperly cleaned items will be left smelling damp and might even become a breeding ground for mold.

One reliable cleaning option is the ESPORTA wash system. This unique system relies on hydraulic cleaning. It is gentler and more environmentally sound than many methods, yet it is highly effective. ESPORTA can help clean:

  • Clothes, accessories such as hats and canvas shoes.
  • Leather goods such as bags and jackets.
  • Textiles such as blankets, bed linens, and towels.
  • Personal items such as stuffed animals.

Our team will pack up your goods, send them to our facility for washing, and return them to you clean and dry.

For help with water mitigation, call SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties at (706) 843-1990.

Do You Need Help with Inventory after Augusta Flood Damages?

2/4/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician packing up china hutch After your home suffers flood damage, you need a team of professionals to assist you with cleanup and inventory. Call SERVPRO right away.

SERVPRO Takes The Headache Out Of Inventory

Dealing with inventory is one of the most frustrating aspects of cleanup after flooding in your home.

If you need to claim insurance after flood damage in Augusta, you will need to provide an inventory of what was damaged. This can seem like a daunting task, especially when you are already dealing with the stress of flood damage.

Thankfully SERVPRO can help with inventory. Our Contents Claim Inventory Service includes:

  • A preloss list.
  • A note of the contents’ value.
  • A detailed report on the damage.

Because we provide a detailed report, you have better evidence to take to your insurance company. We can also help provide photographic proof of loss, and in some cases, we can liaise with your insurance provider on your behalf.

SERVPRO’s philosophy is to restore and repair if we can and only dispose of items that are genuinely beyond salvage. Restoration and repair are usually cheaper than replacing items, so our process helps make an insurance claim.

For an inventory service you can rely on, call SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties at (706) 843-1990.

SERVPRO Helps with Fire Damage in Historic City of Augusta

1/25/2021 (Permalink)

Home with SERVPRO vehicle parked outside Our fire damage experts can have your home back to its original state, “Like it never even happened.”

Old Buildings Need Special Care After Fire Damage

Augusta (which is officially known as Augusta-Richmond County) has a long and exciting history. Noble Jones first created the colony in 1736 to provide a defense line against the Spanish and French. In 1739 townspeople began constructing a road so people could reach Augusta on foot or by horse rather than by boat, and the town began to grow more quickly.

During the Revolution, Georgia was a major producer of textiles, paper, and gunpowder. It is also the home of the Southern Baptist Convention, which is one of the most prominent protestant denominations in the United States.

Augusta's Beautiful Historic Districts

With such a rich history, it is no surprise that Augusta is filled with wonderful historic districts that you will love visiting. Be sure to check out:

  • Augusta Downtown Historic District, which is filled with notable buildings dating back to the civil war. You can visit many historical churches and the oldest synagogue in Augusta (Congregation of B'nai Israel Synagogue, founded in 1869.) You'll also find a wealth of historic homes, a courthouse, and post offices.
  • Broad Street Historic District features 158 buildings that led to its inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places. You can see the Imperial Theater, which opened in 1918, and the Arte Moderne style Miller Theater and Vaudeville House. 
  • Sand Hills Historic District is also known as Elizabethtown Historic District. It is a historic African-American area with community landmark buildings, historic residences and commercial buildings, and a cemetery.
  • Summerville is an affluent district that used to be a separate village but is now incorporated as part of the city. Summerville was built in the 1870s and was initially famous as a summer resort for local people. However, as the village grew, it became popular for affluent people looking for a pleasant place to spend the winter. Today, visitors can see historic homes, a library, and an inn.

Historic Fire Rocked Augusta Residents

In 1916, a fire destroyed a swathe of Augusta buildings:

  • The fire caused $10 million of damages.
  • Three thousand residents were left homeless.
  • Over 600 commercial and residential properties were destroyed.
  • The 17-story Lamar building burned, and construction had to be re-started. 
  • Multiple churches and schools burned down, and hundreds of hay bales were destroyed.

The fire was most likely started by an unattended iron in a tailor's shop.

SERVPRO Helps Fire Damage in Historic Homes

Because SERVPRO is a locally owned and operated franchise, we understand the Augusta community's unique needs. With so many historic buildings around, residents need a fire damage remediation team that understands the challenges of working on old buildings, such as:

  •  Uneven floors or quirky walls and ceilings.
  • Intricate moldings or carvings where soot can settle.
  • Older plumbing or wiring that might not have caught up to modern standards.
  • Old doors and window frames can be warped and damaged by fire or by swelling due to water from fire hoses.
  • Older insulation, paint, or wallpaper that can be stained by smoke.

Our teams take everything into account when drawing up a fire damage remediation plan. For a fire damage service that cares, call SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties at (706) 843-1990.