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Storms and Flooding Affect Thomson – SERVPRO® can help

1/15/2021 (Permalink)

storage units affected from soot after a fire, debris Lightning from storms can affect properties and cause a fire like this storage unit complex

SERVPRO® of Augusta South Wilkes & Burke Counties has equipment and crews on standby 24/7 to take your call. Our crews and technicians have been trained and are IICRC Certified.

What is IICRC?

IICRC = Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, this certification is needed for potential SERVPRO® employees to begin restoring homes and businesses. To earn an IICRC certification, individuals must undergo numerous training courses and complete rigorous testing, to assure that they are ready and capable of restoring Thomson, GA homes like yours after a disaster.

Recognized Globally

IICRC certification is recognized globally and training is continuous. Crew chiefs and technicians are expected to constantly test and be well educated on advancements within the cleanup and restoration industry in knowledge and equipment usage.

With over 1,800 SERVPRO® franchises throughout the United States and Canada, high importance is placed on earning IICRC certification.

SERVPRO® Storm Teams

Storms may one day plague our Thomson area or the CSRA. It is important to know that you have SERVPRO® of Augusta South Wilkes & Burke Counties at your aid to help you and your property should you be affected by storms such as tornadoes and wind driven rain.

Tornadoes can affect your home through heavy wind-driven rain negatively impacting your roof and shingles. After storms, shingles and other pieces of roofing can be left missing and roofs suffer from leaks because of heavy wind-driven rain. SERVPRO of Augusta South Wilkes& Burke Counties is prepared to help connect you with the appropriate division within our franchise to help stop the leak and begin drying the roof structure.

Occasionally, after storms, roof leaks may not be immediately recognized. Water leaks may only be found once it rains or storms once again thus exposing the issue. Knowing when and how to quickly identify the leak is the first vital step to restoring your home.

It is customary for our crews to arrive, assess, and often temporarily help prevent your home from receiving further damage caused by storms. Thomson storms may take control of your home, but we are here to help guide you through the process of cleanup & restoration.

Recent Storm News Thomson, GA

Thankfully, Thomson is not normally afflicted with tornadoes and like storm events, however storms such as the 2007 Thomson Tornado can prove fatal, causing road closures due to fallen power lines and down trees. If you experience an issue with your property after a storm, Call the experts at SERVPRO® of Augusta South Wilkes & Burke Counties at 706-843-1990.

SERVPRO® Cleaning Products that Mitigate Smoke

1/14/2021 (Permalink)

Air Scrubbers placed for filtering soot particulates Fire Damaged structures often need Air Scrubbers to help filter smoke particulates in the air space.

What Cleaning Products Should be Used After a Fire Damage in Your Thomson Home?

All products used by SERVPRO® crews and technicians are made by experts at our Head Quarters in Gallatin, Tennessee. We have specially crafted these products to fit any job, of any scale. There are many different types of cleaning products to use after a fire has taken place. For example:

  • General Surface Cleaners
  • Heavy-Duty Cleaners
  • Glass Cleaners
  • Liquid Crème Cleaners

Depending on the extent of damage to your Thomson home will depend on which type of cleaning solution or solutions would be required.

Types of Cleaners

General surface cleaners are typically used for all washable surfaces. For example, wall cleaning, appliances, hard surface furniture, and countertops. Wall cleanings are done routinely for fire and soot damaged homes and businesses.

Heavy Duty Cleaners are ideal for removing grease and heavily soiled surfaces. Heavy duty cleaners should not be used on highly polished surfaces. SERVPRO® professionals are trained extensively for when and how to use these products.

Our Glass Cleaners contains a combination of salt and other cleaning agents to prevent streaking. While our Liquid Crème Cleaners can be used on most all hard surfaces. The Liquid Crème Cleaner is a very thick liquid that contains tiny bristles to tackle all the stubborn spots that may be hard to remove.

Have Questions? Need Advice?

Believe you need these services for your home or business after suffering from a fire or soot damage? We are experienced and ready to help in Thomson. We are available 24/7 to take your call, 706-843-1990.

Don’t Miss Master the Trade: Master Your Money and Mindset for Investing in 2021 from the Comfort of Your Grovetown Home

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

Man using phone and computer Take time to learn about the benefits of investing and what possibilities could be waiting for you.

Grovetown Residents Looking to Invest Smarter Can Benefit from this Virtual Investment Informational Event

It can sometimes be difficult to understand best practices for handling your money and making the most out of your finances. If you want to learn more about developing an investment mindset, you can sign up for the Master the Trade: Master Your Money and Mindset for Investing in 2021 virtual event. This is an event that is hosted by Invest with Teri, and it includes a wide variety of speakers that will go over the different ways to diversify and set out on a new path for financial growth. There are several asset classes for investing, and this virtual conference will set you up for successful trading in 2021.

  • Date: Saturday, January 23rd, 2021
  • Time: 11 am to 7 00 pm
  • Where: Online event
  • Cost: $99 to $299 depending on the ticket chosen

SERVPRO of Augusta South/Burke & Wilkes Counties is here to support residents and businesses alike. If you have flood damage in your commercial space, we have the equipment and manpower to clean up the debris and water promptly. This includes detailed inventory control and pack-out services. Call (706) 843-1990, and we can send out a crew as soon as possible. We are Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Quick Water Damage Help for Your Thomson Home Burst Pipe

1/6/2021 (Permalink)

Water that needs to be extracted on the floor from a medical facility Water damage can threaten local businesses as well. We are always Here to Help!

Cold Weather Can Mean Pipe Issues

Impending weather conditions can mean potential trouble for your home and your homes pipes. Preventing pipe bursts or various sized leaks may not be fully preventable. However, when disaster strikes, know that the professionals at SERVPRO® of Augusta South Wilkes & Burke Counties are here to help.

Thomson, GA Crews Are Standing By

If you have recently experienced a pipe burst in your Thomson home, calling SERVPRO® of Augusta South Wilkes & Burke Counties is vital to assuring that your property does not experience secondary damage due to standing water. The sooner our crews arrive on site, the sooner we can begin work and regain normalcy to your property. We have crews ready to work for you and countless pieces of equipment on standby waiting to help dry your home should you need us.

Pro Tip: Contact Your Insurance Company. Quickly contacting your insurance company for advice on determining if you need to file a claim is vital. Our professionals are familiar with essentially all insurance companies through managing countless insurance claim-related losses over the decades we have been operating in the CSRA.

Science Behind the Drying

When a Thomson home has water damage, we will need to act quickly. The faster we mobilize, the less likely your home is to experience secondary damage such as mold.

The process of drying is completed with the use of air movers. Air movers help push hot, dry air over a wet surface such as hardwood floors. This unwanted water is moved to an area of least resistance, the air. The excess moisture in the air is then pulled out of the structure’s environment through the placement of dehumidifiers.

Our Goal for You? Dry the area as quickly and efficiently as possible. We assure you an experience you can feel confident in.

Call Our Team at 706-843-1990 for SERVPRO® of Augusta South Wilkes & Burke Counties for water damage help Thomson, GA.

Augusta Families – Don’t Miss Puddle Ducks: Kids & Caregivers Club

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle When a fire strikes in your Augusta home, call us right away at (706) 843-1990. We will have a team ready to assist in no time.

Explore and Grow with Your Toddler in Augusta with this Monthly Caregivers Club

It is essential for parents and caretakers to have an opportunity to grow and explore with the toddler in their life. There are lots of wonders in nature, which is what the Puddle Ducks program works to uncover. This is a regular program taking place on the second Tuesday of each month, and it is a perfect way for everyone to get engaged while learning. This program takes place at the Phinizy Center & Nature Park, a location known for helping people connect with nature through research, education, and hands-on learning. Other toddler events are regularly scheduled throughout the calendar year.

  • Date: January 12th, 2021, and recurring the 2nd Sunday of each month
  • Time: 10 am to 11:30 am
  • Location: Phinizy Swamp Nature Park, 1858 Lock & Dam Road, Augusta, GA
  • Cost: $5

SERVPRO of Augusta South/Burke & Wilkes Counties supports community education and the preservation of local wildlife. As a homeowner, if you suffer from a fire in your home, you need a team to come in to tackle your fire damage restoration needs. By calling us at (706) 843-1990, you can have a crew at your door within hours to get to work and make it, “Like it never even happened.”

Water Damage Repair Calls for Skilled Restoration Technicians to Ensure Your Augusta Property Receives the Best Treatment

12/29/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle and equipment Don't let moisture take over your home. Call the professionals at SERVPRO, We're Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Calling Trained IICRC-Certified Water Damage Repair Professionals from SERVPRO To Your Augusta Home Ensures Fast, High-Quality Results

Located on the central Eastern side of Georgia state, Augusta is part of Augusta-Richmond County. It is also on the Savannah River’s fall line and its navigable portion’s head within the state’s piedmont area. The city itself was named after Saxe-Gotha Princess Augusta (1719-1772. When the 2012 United States Census was taken, Augusta-Richmond County had a population of about 197,872 – this did not include the unconsolidated cities of the region, Blythe and Hepzibah. 

Augusta remains the principal city within Augusta-Richmond County in the Metropolitan Statistical area. Augusta alone had a population of 580,270 during the 2012 U.S. Census, which made it the second-largest metro region and third-largest city within the state of Georgia. It is also the 116th-largest city within the United States. On an international level, Augusta, GA, is known for being the spring host to The Masters golf tournament each year.

Digging Deeper into Augusta, Georgia’s History and Background

Indigenous peoples had inhabited the area along the river in Augusta for many years. They relied on the river for water, transportation, and fishing. Augusta was known for use by the Native Americans as a crossing zone along the Savannah due to the location on the fall line. Just two years after Savannah was founded, the troops were sent into the upper region of the Savannah River in 1735. This expedition was headed by Noble Jones, who also created a settlement that doubled as a line of defense against French or Spanish invasion along the coastal areas.

While the Black Belt within Piedmont was developed for thriving cotton cultivation, Augusta quickly developed as a notable market town. The cotton gin invention made it more profitable to process short-staple cotton. This is a cotton-type that is very well-suited to the upland portions of the region. Years ago, the cotton plantations in Augusta and the surrounding areas had been manned by slave labor, where countless slaves got shipped into the Deep South from the Upper South. 

Within the mid-20th century, Augusta was the site of many civil rights demonstrations. A mentally disabled teenager named Charles Oatman was killed in an Augusta jail by his cellmates in 1970. A protest stemming from his turned into a riot that included about 500 participants, and half a dozen black men were found shot in the back and killed by police. Entertainer and singer James Brown were asked to come into the area to make a plea to quell tensions, which turned out to be a success. 

Taking in the Sights and Attractions in Augusta, Georgia

There are many wonderful places to see and things to do in Augusta. Whether you want to take in some local history or you want to get out to enjoy nature, there is something wonderful and memorable for everyone. Some of the top attractions in the region include:

Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History – Located on Phillips Street, this museum is right in the middle of the Historic Laney-Walker District, which is also near the initial site for the Haines Normal and Industrial Institute. This museum is driven to educate visitors while promoting the legacy of Lucy Craft Laney through literature, leadership, arts, history, and various programs and exhibits. 

Westobou Gallery – You will find this beautiful gallery located on Broad Street, where it houses a broad range of exhibitions throughout the year that includes local, regional, and national artists. There are also special viewings during the Westobou Festival. This gallery is open to the public, and admission is free, making it an excellent way to spend the day with family or by yourself for an adventure.

Augusta Canal National Heritage Area – Situated on Greene Street, this natural destination offers access by kayak, canoe, bicycle, or foot. Visitors have the option of watching wildlife or fishing from the banks. There is even the ability to take a guided tour on the water while riding on a replica of a canal cargo boat.

Meadow Garden – If you are looking for a lovely estate with an exciting history and a beautiful setting, you will enjoy Meadow Garden on Independence Drive. This was the home of one of the youngest people to sign the Declaration of Independence, a man named George Walton. This museum and historic house has been open for public viewing since 1901 and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places and a National Historic Landmark. Tours are also available each week, Tuesday through Saturday.

Along with top attractions, many of the hottest dining spots in Augusta, GA, include:

  • Frog Hollow Tavern
  • Honey from the Rack
  • Whiskey Bar Kitchen
  • Abel Brown
  • Bonefish Grill
  • Boll Weevil
  • The Bee’s Knees
  • French Market Grille

Augusta Residents Can Trust SERVPRO to Handle Water Damage in a Fast, Efficient Manner – Call 24/7 for Prompt, Reliable Service!

A faulty appliance in your home, such as a water heater or dishwasher, can pose quite a problem in terms of damage. The longer that you wait to clean it up, the hidden moisture can bring about secondary damages and the onset of potentially harmful mold and mildew. SERVPRO is available 24 hours a day, including nights, holidays, and weekends, to handle all of your water removal and restoration needs. We are Faster to Any Size Disaster, and our crew arrives ready to get to work!

Water damage repair in Augusta is best left to skilled professionals. Because water moves along the path of least resistance, you need to look for it in various places. You must call us for repair and restoration if you notice:

  • Water pooling
  • Water that has infiltrated your drywall
  • Saturation of your carpeting or upholstery
  • Moisture that made it behind a wall or into another confined area

With our powerful pumps and moisture detection tools, we never leave any problem areas behind. When you know that you need reliable water damage repair, there is no team quite like SERVPRO of Augusta South/Burke & Wilkes Counties. Call us at (706) 843-1990 to have a crew dispatched to your property as soon as possible.

Treat Yourself to a Holiday Play at Augusta’s Fort Gordon Dinner Theatre.

12/11/2020 (Permalink)

interior of a restaurant It will be exciting to see the community at the viewing of the new play "Dashing Through the Snow".

Attend a Viewing of the Exciting New Play “Dashing Through the Snow.”

As the holidays swiftly approach, we are all looking for ways to get into the festive spirit.  With this in mind, Augusta’s Fort Gordon Dinner Theatre, located in Fort Gordon’s Performing Arts Center, is showing the holiday-themed play “Dashing Through the Snow.”  The seasonal play covers the various comical hijinks that occur at a country inn in Texas.  Those wishing to see the show should consider the following information:

  • Showing times are at:  8PM on December 11th and 12th; and 3 PM on December 13th
  • Regular ticket prices, including dinner and the show, are:  Civilians - $53; Retirees, Seniors (65 & Older), and Active-Duty Rank E-7 & Above - $50; and Active-Duty Rank E-6 & Below and Students with ID - $40
  • Other ticket options include:  Coffee, Dessert, and Play - $35; and Play Only - $28
  • For tickets and additional information, call 706-793-8552  

During this festive season, as we enjoy quality time with our families, remember to remain mindful of potential holiday-related fire dangers.  With that said, SERVPRO of Augusta South/Burke & Wilkes Counties provides highly effective fire and smoke odor remediation.  Call us anytime at (706) 843-1990 for assistance.

Our Professionals Help You Through the Process of Cleaning After Thomson Fire

12/8/2020 (Permalink)

Crews begin cleaning this home's ceiling of soot after a kitchen stovetop fire. Crews begin cleaning this home's ceiling of soot after a kitchen stovetop fire.

After a house fire, you may find yourself needing help from a professional cleanup and restoration company like SERVPRO® of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties. Our franchise is experienced in Fire & Water Cleanup. We specialize in assuring that the home or business and its contents are restored to preloss condition.

Seasonal Fires

The Winter months bring an increased risk to home and business owners. Fires more than likely start in the kitchen or from stoves and fireplaces. Learn More from the American Red Cross Here. Keeping yourself informed is the best way to protect yourself from devastating fires. Reacting quickly and accepting aid from your city’s American Red Cross division are helpful tools. Additionally, connecting yourself with a local restoration franchise can be helpful, SERVPRO® of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties.

Being Aware of Soot and Fire Damage

After SERVPRO® arriving and inspecting your property affected from fire damage, our professionals can identify your needs and explain the process on cleaning. Damaged items can often be cleaned by SERVPRO® crews on-site or brought to our warehouse for cleaning and safe storage. Many property owners that have experienced a small fire may not see soot damage unless surfaces are wiped. After wiping, they can easily spot all affected areas needed to be cleaned. Through working with your insurance, SERVPRO® guarantees our process of cleaning can bring your property to preloss condition and rid it of soot and smoke debris and smell.

Wash, Rinse, Dry

SERVPRO® has many methods for cleaning property affected by fires in Thomson, one of which is the washing, rinsing, and drying method. Wash is to take SERVPRO® of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties produced products and wash the walls from top to bottom. Once “washed,” we use a secondary SERVPRO® product to “Rinse” the wall of the previous products from top to bottom, and lastly take a dry cloth to dry the wall to prepare the wall for fresh paint.

Does your Thomson home have the lingering smell of soot or smoke from a fire? Call us today to get professional help or visit our website for a consultation.

Experience One of Grovetown’s Most Popular Holiday Traditions.

12/4/2020 (Permalink)

a closeup of a Christmas tree with lights on and around it SERVPRO is looking forward to Grovetown's annual Holiday Parade!

Come to See Grovetown’s 46th Annual Holiday Parade.

One of Grovetown’s most enduring traditions is its yearly holiday parade.  It is such a long-lasting part of the local community, in fact, that 2020 marks the forty-sixth year the event has taken place.  The parade features, among other things, marching bands, holiday-themed floats, and a special appearance by Santa.  If you plan to come and watch the festive spectacle, remember the following information:

  • The event starts on Saturday, December 5th at 10 AM and continues until 12 PM
  • It begins at the Grovetown Campus of Augusta Tech, located at 3500 John Huffman Way
  • The parade follows the same route it has for the past three years; from Augusta Tech, it goes down Horizon South Parkway, turns right onto Wrightsboro Road, and ends at the Walmart Neighborhood Market

Your helpful neighborhood SERVPRO of Augusta South/Burke & Wilkes Counties is proud to announce this fun, family-friendly event.  Also, as a fellow local business, we would like to remind you to remain vigilant against potential water-related issues.  With that said, we are always here to help if you ever need water damage restoration work done.  Call us anytime at  (706)-843-1990.

The Augusta Area is Especially Prone to Flooding

11/28/2020 (Permalink)

water covering tile floor Flooding can seem overwhelming and insurmountable. Contact Team SERVPRO for effective water removal efforts.

Since its Founding, Augusta has Suffered Several Serious Flooding Events

Augusta’s location on the Savannah River has been both a blessing and a curse since its founding.  The river the “Garden City” is situated on, along with the Georgia Railroad, has given it easy access to both the continent’s interior and the East Coast, making it a crucial transport point.  This waterway has also provided the necessary resources to fuel the community’s industrial development and economic growth.  As a result of all this, by the mid-1800s, Augusta had become one of the most important urban centers in the American South.  At the same time, though, the river has often represented a major source of economic loss.  Both the region’s particularly heavy rainfalls and the city’s specific location on the waterway have made it especially prone to catastrophic flooding.            

The Benefits of Being on the Savannah River

Initially, the easy access the river provided to coastal shipping at Savannah made Augusta a transportation hub for area agricultural products.  Then, in 1845, the city’s regional importance was greatly enhanced by the establishment of the Augusta Canal and opening of the Georgia Railroad.  These two major developments transformed the community into a burgeoning southern industrial and transportation center.  The canal facilitated commercial travel around the local falls and powered several mills, factories, and war industries during the Civil War.  At the same time, the railroad effectively linked the city, via the Tennessee River, to the Mississippi River.  This all made transporting goods from America’s interior, through Augusta, to the East Coast much more efficient and cost-effective.

The Hardships Caused by the River

Georgia’s second-largest city, Augusta, is prone to severe flooding because of its location.  It is situated on the Savannah River at the Atlantic Seaboard Fall Line, where the more elevated Piedmont region meets the Atlantic Coastal Plain.  So, whenever storms hit, all excess upland water rapidly drains down onto our prosperous community below.  The effects of this unfortunate positioning are only exacerbated by the fact that the river drains an area with some of the heaviest rainfalls in North America.  Heavy springtime rains and those from tropical storms and hurricanes, which move up the Atlantic Coast between June and November 30th, are often the culprits of our serious floods.  As a consequence of these often unpredictable deluges, local residents and business owners often suffer substantial losses.           

Tips for Mitigating Potential Losses Before a Flood Occurs

Although the Augusta area is more vulnerable to flooding than other places, there are effective ways to limit your risks of suffering catastrophic damage.  While some of these may seem obvious, there are others you may not have considered.  The following is a brief list of measures you can take before flooding occurs to mitigate potential losses:

  • Find out what your property insurance policy covers and if it does not cover flood damage, buy additional flood insurance
  • Keep valuables and insurance policies in a bank safe deposit box or at a secured storage site away from your residence  
  • Locate electric panels, furnaces, water heaters, and other appliances in higher parts of your home that are unlikely to be flooded
  • Move expensive rugs, furniture, and other valuable items to higher floors of your house
  • Place sandbags around the perimeter of your property to divert floodwaters away from it
  • Watch weather forecasts, know essential storm-related terminology, and have all your preparations completed before storms arrive

In each of these ways, you can often safeguard your property and gain some peace of mind in the face of potential flood-related disasters.

What to Do During a Flood

As floods are occurring, it is paramount that you remain both calm and alert.  Although natural disasters can be quite traumatic, you need to remain calm so you can successfully work through various related problems as they arise.  At the same time, you need to remain ever aware of your situation as it unfolds.  Here are some tips for avoiding flood hazards:

  • Vigilantly monitor emergency information sources like NOAA Weather Radio, local radio and TV stations, and the Ready Georgia app
  • Stay away from downed power lines
  • Never drive around barricades or through standing water
  • Avoid all contact with floodwaters
  • Follow the instructions of local officials

If followed, this advice should help keep you safe during a flooding event.

What to Do After Floodwaters Have Receded

After floodwaters recede, it is important that you:

  • Not return home until authorities say it is safe
  • Contact a reputable flood damage cleanup & repair service as soon as possible
  • Stay out of rooms with weakened floors or sagging ceilings
  • Refrain from drinking your home’s tap water

With all that said, your local SERVPRO of Augusta South/Burke & Wilkes Counties is always here to help you recover from flood damage.  Call us anytime at (706) 843-1990.

How is SERVPRO Different from Other Augusta Flood Damage Remediation Services?

While there are several flood damage cleanup and restoration companies in Augusta, few have the expertise or specialized high-tech equipment that SERVPRO does.  It is both of these superior attributes that enable our company to go above and beyond what other services can do.  Our specific training and gear include:

  • Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training
  • Technicians individually trained and certified in Applied Structural Drying, Applied Microbial Remediation, Water Damage Restoration, and Odor Control
  • State-of-the-art water extraction, drying, microbe-eliminating, and odor-neutralizing equipment and chemicals, including:  powerful water extractors; wet vacs; air movers; high-velocity box fans; various kinds of dehumidifiers; Injectidry systems; thermal and ultra-low volume foggers; and a wide array of commercial-grade disinfectants and antimicrobials

Utilizing all of these cutting edge resources, SERVPRO of Augusta South/Burke & Wilkes Counties is usually able to successfully remediate your flood damage and return your home to its pre-flood condition in record time.  So, whenever you are faced with flood-related issues of any magnitude, remember that there is a high-quality neighborhood service that is always ready to help you.  Call us anytime, day or night, at (706)-843-1990 for assistance.