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Mold In Your Commercial Business?

3/31/2022 (Permalink)

SERPRO employee dressed in PPE holding equipment A SERVPRO crew member dressed in full PPE prepping equipment to begin safe mold clean-up.

What Is Mold? 

Mold. The word by itself brings up unpleasant imagery, like a school sandwich forgotten in a backpack. Milk that no longer flows freely but comes out in chunks.  But when mold infests your house, the signs aren’t always so obvious. Even a spotless floor with gleaming storefronts may have mold lurking in unexpected places. For everything we hear about mold, you’re probably left wondering “why is mold bad”? Mostly because when mold grows it feeds on the materials it is growing on, which results in irreversible damage. This damage means all the affected materials must be replaced. 

Mold is a type of fungi that grows in multicellular structures called hyphae. Hyphae produce mold spores that are found indoors and outdoors. Even though mold spores are found everywhere, mold requires moisture to grow.  

Fun fact: According to studies done by the Environmental Protection Agency, mold can appear on any surface in the home, including paper, wood, carpet, and foods. The appearance of mold differs based on the species of mold it is, and the surface its latched onto. The colors may range from purple to green, and even black or white. 

Essentially, this makes determining a certain strain by eye very difficult. Luckily, technicians at SERVPRO® of Augusta are well trained in mold testing and have a quick return on answers for you.  

Signs You May Have a Mold Problem 

  1. Musty/Rotten Smell

If there is a damp, musty odor emanating from flooring or walls, it is likely the stench is being caused by ‘mold volatile organic compounds’, or MVOCs. MVOCs are chemicals released during the mold life cycle.  

  1. Contaminated Carpets

Carpeted areas and rugs are hot spots for becoming breeding ground for mold. Pay close attention to any spots, odors, or stains on the carpet. If you do happen to notice something out of the ordinary, be sure to examine both sides of the carpet and padding.  

  1. Warped Walls

One of the most common reasons paint begins to bubble or appear distorted is because of moisture hidden in the walls. If your walls appear warped, first identify the source of the moisture, and then have the problem fixed before it breeds mold.  

  1. AC Filters

If your air conditioning creates a musty smell when you turn it on, it’s possible you may have some leaking moisture issues. Make sure to use HEPA filters and regularly clean the unit and replace the filters to starve mold of its food sources- dust and moisture.  

  1. Previous Water Damage

If you experienced previous water damage in your business that wasn’t properly extracted and cleaned, your mold source could be a responsive problem to that. Because fungi feeds on moisture, water damage left too long tends to lead to mold issues. 

Suspect Your Business May Have a Mold Issue? Give SERVPRO® of Augusta a call at 706-841-1990 to schedule a consultation and mold test today.  

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